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Partner School

There are more than 40 schools joined as Partner Schools to contribute to the Scheme. The Project Team is working closely with the Partner Schools to discuss their needs in STEAM education and teaching material development. Training of pedagogy workshops and STEAM workshops will be provided to all partner Schools as well. Partner Schools have the priority to use our laboratories and borrow handheld equipment from the University.

List of Partner School (in alphabetical order)
  1. Caritas Fanling Chan Chun Ha Secondary School
  2. Carmel Alison Lam Foundation Secondary School
  3. Carmel Divine Grace Foundation Secondary School
  4. CCC Hoh Fuk Tong College
  5. CCC Kei Chi Secondary School
  6. CCC Kei San Secondary School
  7. CCC Kei To Secondary School
  8. Chan Sui Ki (La Salle) College
  9. Chong Gene Hang College
  10. Fanling Lutheran Secondary School
  11. Fukien Secondary School
  12. G.T. (Ellen Yeung) College
  13. GCCITKD Lau Pak Lok Secondary School
  14. HKTA Tang Hin Memorial Secondary School
  15. Holy Trinity College
  16. Hong Kong Tang King Po College
  17. Hong Kong Teachers’ Association Lee Heng Kwei Secondary School
  18. Hong Kong True Light College
  19. Immaculate Heart of Mary College
  20. Ju Ching Chu Secondary School (Kwai Chung)
  21. Kit Sam Lam Bing Yim Secondary School
  22. Lai King Catholic Secondary School
  23. Lung Kong WFSL Lau Wong Fat Secondary School
  24. Po Leung Kuk C W Chu College
  25. Po Leung Kuk Lee Shing Pik College
  26. POH 80th Anniversary Tang Ying Hei College
  27. Pope Paul VI College
  28. Pui Tak Canossian College
  29. S.K.H. All Saints’ Middle School
  30. S.K.H. Tsoi Kung Po Secondary School
  31. Salesian English School
  32. San Wui Commercial Society Secondary School
  33. St. Joan of Arc Secondary School
  34. St. Joseph’s College
  35. St. Paul’s School (Lam Tin)
  36. Stewards Pooi Tun Secondary School
  37. STFA Tam Pak Yu College
  38. Toi Shan Association College
  39. Tuen Mun Catholic Secondary School
  40. TWGHs Wong Fut Nam College
  41. United Christian College (Kowloon East)
  42. Wa Ying College
  43. Yan Chai Hospital No.2 Secondary School

Resources School

A number of Partner Schools with more STEAM experience and outstanding performance will be invited to be Resources Schools. Resources Schools will have full access to the educational resources developed by the Project Team, 1-2 teachers from the Resources Schools will co-develop the contents by reviewing the materials, and the teachers will become mentor teachers of their schools and among peers. Mentor teachers will have the privilege to join the tours to visit overseas STEAM schools under the Scheme to enrich their experience and share their experience with peers afterwards.

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