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Our Laboratories

Participating schools are allowed to book the laboratories under the Scheme, integrated to support their learning activities. The Integrated STEAM Laboratories will also be showcase laboratories, so the secondary schools can inspect them and try out their STEAM projects before they renovate their own school laboratories to implement the future whole-school curriculum of STEAM education.

Jockey Club STEAM Education Integrated Laboratory

Room D1010, HKMU Jockey Club Campus

  • to provide an integrated space for students to conduct scientific experiments across subjects in a controlled environment
  • technology-supported laboratory to connect students to the “real world” and prepare them better for potential job opportunities beyond schools

Jockey Club Innovative Media Laboratory

Room D1009, HKMU Jockey Club Campus

  • equipped with various software and hardware to enhance innovative learning experience and raise students’ learning interest

Jockey Club STEAM Learning and Teaching Laboratory

Room E1030, HKMU Jockey Club Campus

  • interactive learning space and environment, where students can have discussions, and interaction between teachers and students can be video-recorded
  • wireless equipment for facilitating interactive and collaborative works among students and allowing teachers to apply active teaching methods
  • equipped with an auto-track video recording system for recording teachers’ movement can help teachers to review their teaching methods and subsequently improve their teaching methods and techniques

Jockey Club STEAM Education Laboratory

Room K1006, HKMU Kwai Hing Campus

  • an integrated laboratory for providing different types of scientific equipment for students to conduct various experiments and studies


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