WE Speak Louder

Total: 20 Hours

Wave and electricity has been one of the toughest scientific concepts taught in high school. Students generally memorise the abstract concept of wave and electricity without understanding. This module aims to provide teachers a new approach of learning and teaching wave and electricity where students can actually learn the wave and electricity by experience.

This module provides hands-on workshops for students to test a loudspeaker. Students can learn about wave and electricity through three human senses, visual, audio and kinesthetic.

For visual learners, students will use an oscilloscope to visualise the wave form of an amplifier. Oscilloscope is a type of electronic test instrument that graphically displays the signal voltage of the circuits system. Using the oscilloscope to visualise the wave form of sound from an amplifier, students can have a better understanding of wave and electricity that electron act like wave. Students can relate their studies on voltage and frequency using an oscilloscope.

For audio learners, students will hear various range of frequency through the loudspeaker through signal generator in this module. Students will learn about the human audio frequency range and the relationship between voltage and audio volume. Students will apply their understanding on energy conversion between electrical energy and sound energy.

For kinesthetic learners, students will have hands-on learning experience and build the actual loudspeaker using the circuits’ board, electronics parts and amplifier. Students will learn the basics of circuit design, such as voltage divider. Students will test their design using the oscilloscope.

Through this workshop, students from varied learning style will have a valuable hands-on learning experience to learn about wave and electricity.


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